Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Lately,I have been listening to alot of music and it is the only thing that seems to keep me from falling apart, the thing with me is that I can never really be honest with anyone about how am really feeling ,my business is mine to handle and nobody else's atleast that's how I feel about it. I've learned not to trust anyone with my heart or anything that I hold close because you just never know how people will treat you someday because of what they know about you.Music expresses that which can never be said or put in words,after all is said and done,music remains and it will always be there. Good music can be so hard to find but if you know your music then ain't nothing to it. When you're happy you listen to the song and when you're hurt you understand the lyrics,a little something that I know too well. There's something real and authentic about music that makes you wanna stop and just listen for a while, sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day around is one good song. Use music to celebrate everyday that you wake up to see another day and to simply celebrate the magic that is "YOU". Music will never hurt you and it will carry you when you need to be carried or when you need that "LIFT" to soar to greater heights. So when you feel down pump up the volume on your favourite song and dance and just know that life is not a one way street,there will be mountains to climb and hurdles along the way but that doesn't mean you won't get past it and remember life is a disco and you gotta keep dancing to the beat no matter how often it changes.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Last week I got into a heated debate with a former school mate of mine over supporting that gay people should be allowed to be who and what they are. He is a christian so of cause he had his reservations about the whole thing. I have nothing against "saved" people but when they become judgemental it cheeses me off. One thing he emphasised on was that we were working for the powers of "DARKNESS" if we supported the gay and lesbian community, it's bad enough that they have to face discrimination from their families and communities. They do not need the added pressure from the christian community, aren't christians supposed to love everybody? cause at the end of the day GOD is love and there must be a reason he made gay and lesbian people the way they are and it is not up to us to decide how they should be or what they become. I have gay and lesbian friends and I love them just as they are because they never question my sexuality why should I question theirs?. Do not live your life trying to be what people expect you to be rather be who you are and embrace being "YOU". It's cool if you are a dude and you like dudes or if you are girl who likes girls ain't nothing to it. We are all human so them judgemental christians can take a one way ticket straight to "HELL".#GAY KINDA LOVE

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bitter sweet

We all have things we like or love like gadgets and accessories.Today we gonna talk about the most unattractive accessory and that is "THE SUGAR DADDY", he buys you everything and anything you ask for and in the beginning it's like you're his entire world,he seems to be living for your smile right? but have you ever stopped and asked yourself "what's in it for him?.He loves you right? otherwise why would he spend all his money showering you with expensive "gifts" but what you do not know is that man is only buying his way to your "GOODIES" and after that he walks away like nothing happened.He chews  you up and spits you out like you're poison in his mouth. You think that man will leave his wife for you that will never happen to him you're just another piece of meat or sex toy and even if he was to leave his wife and kids for you,he will do the same thing to you as in trade you in for a newer and younger model once he tires of you. There is nothing sweet about a sugar daddy, he lives a bitter taste in your mouth and maybe a disease if you're one of the unlucky ones.Never settle for anything less than the best and play second fiddle to none,If you're tired of being the side chick GO out there and get yourself a man lil Missy ,SOMEONE who is yours alone not yours,hers and ours.There is no upside to having a sugar daddy because you spend half your time looking over your shoulder worried that his wife might come after with a sjambok you will forever bear the scars of what he has done to you physically and emotionally cause after he is done with you,you're left damaged and insecure about who and what you were before he came along and HONEY don't nobody want "DAMAGED GOODS". Stick to your school boy or varsity boy sweethearts and don't fall for the oldest trick in the book because "SUGAR DADDIES" are all about "HIT AND RUNS" so the next time some "OLD DUDE" tells you he loves you or even looks your way in a way you don't like put your finger in his face and tell him to "GET LOST"  cause you know what he is all about.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


The topic of teenagers and sex isn't new heck it's been talked about so many times that we just to ignore any sex related topics because we feel it's being shoved down our throats right? well am here with something a little different today,what I want to say is if you're gonna start giving up them goodies then make sure it is with someone who wants to be there the morning after,someone who wants to stick around till the end not someone who is on the way out.Remember it's all about you and never walk down that road if you are not ready to...explore your body on your own before letting someone else venture into your body and never ever do"IT" because you want him to stay or to love you because if he loves you ,he will wait until you're ready to give yourself over to him and he will stick around until you mature enough to start having a sex life. Sex is a beautiful thing when done for the right reasons and with the right person so my friends wait for the right guy to come along and do not rush into anything ever. With all that said have a lovely week

Saturday, 28 September 2013


I have seen the worst that life has to offer but today I can stand and say I am strong because I have known weakness. Life has kicked me down more than once but I got up, dusted myself, dried my tears and got up to fight again because life is what you make it so you gotta give it your all. My life has been anything but a day in the beach but I am grateful for the experiences because if I hadn't gone through all those things I would have never realised just how strong I really am and just how much of life I can take or handle. I know that life has alot more in store for me both good and bad but I can take it on because I have been down before and I''ll get up cause life ain't gonna bring me down not if I don't let it get to me.I am beautiful because I know my flaws and no one can tell me different.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


You can not expect other people to love you if do not love yourself first and you can not give love to people if you do not have it in you to love who you are and what you are. Wake up evry morning look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, love yourself as you are because if love manifests itself in you ,it has its origins in beauty because true beauty is reflected through love. Just wake up in the morning and celebrate the magic that is you.
Self-acceptance is an invitation to stop trying to change yourself into the person you wish to be, long enough to find out who you really are. Take the Self-Acceptance Test to identify the areas of self-acceptance you most need to work on.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/contributor/robert-holden#ixzz2fEHN5EPx. Robert Holden gives esy to steps to loving and accepting yoursel as you are. It is ok to be different,the odd one out or the misfit because it means you are doing you and nobody does that better than yourself. LOVE who you are and don't let any one tell you different,NEVER change who you are because you do not fit into the world's neat little box instead just build a bigger one that will fit all of the extraordinary person that is you. In Isixhosa we say "ZITHANDE"(LOVE YOUSELF).....

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

welcome to my blog

This blog is for teenagers everywhere.This blog is a platform for teenagers to express themselves however they wish.Our parents are all over facebook and other social networks...we no longer have a place where we can just be ourselves.