Saturday, 28 September 2013


I have seen the worst that life has to offer but today I can stand and say I am strong because I have known weakness. Life has kicked me down more than once but I got up, dusted myself, dried my tears and got up to fight again because life is what you make it so you gotta give it your all. My life has been anything but a day in the beach but I am grateful for the experiences because if I hadn't gone through all those things I would have never realised just how strong I really am and just how much of life I can take or handle. I know that life has alot more in store for me both good and bad but I can take it on because I have been down before and I''ll get up cause life ain't gonna bring me down not if I don't let it get to me.I am beautiful because I know my flaws and no one can tell me different.