Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Lately,I have been listening to alot of music and it is the only thing that seems to keep me from falling apart, the thing with me is that I can never really be honest with anyone about how am really feeling ,my business is mine to handle and nobody else's atleast that's how I feel about it. I've learned not to trust anyone with my heart or anything that I hold close because you just never know how people will treat you someday because of what they know about you.Music expresses that which can never be said or put in words,after all is said and done,music remains and it will always be there. Good music can be so hard to find but if you know your music then ain't nothing to it. When you're happy you listen to the song and when you're hurt you understand the lyrics,a little something that I know too well. There's something real and authentic about music that makes you wanna stop and just listen for a while, sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day around is one good song. Use music to celebrate everyday that you wake up to see another day and to simply celebrate the magic that is "YOU". Music will never hurt you and it will carry you when you need to be carried or when you need that "LIFT" to soar to greater heights. So when you feel down pump up the volume on your favourite song and dance and just know that life is not a one way street,there will be mountains to climb and hurdles along the way but that doesn't mean you won't get past it and remember life is a disco and you gotta keep dancing to the beat no matter how often it changes.