Thursday, 10 October 2013


The topic of teenagers and sex isn't new heck it's been talked about so many times that we just to ignore any sex related topics because we feel it's being shoved down our throats right? well am here with something a little different today,what I want to say is if you're gonna start giving up them goodies then make sure it is with someone who wants to be there the morning after,someone who wants to stick around till the end not someone who is on the way out.Remember it's all about you and never walk down that road if you are not ready to...explore your body on your own before letting someone else venture into your body and never ever do"IT" because you want him to stay or to love you because if he loves you ,he will wait until you're ready to give yourself over to him and he will stick around until you mature enough to start having a sex life. Sex is a beautiful thing when done for the right reasons and with the right person so my friends wait for the right guy to come along and do not rush into anything ever. With all that said have a lovely week