Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Last week I got into a heated debate with a former school mate of mine over supporting that gay people should be allowed to be who and what they are. He is a christian so of cause he had his reservations about the whole thing. I have nothing against "saved" people but when they become judgemental it cheeses me off. One thing he emphasised on was that we were working for the powers of "DARKNESS" if we supported the gay and lesbian community, it's bad enough that they have to face discrimination from their families and communities. They do not need the added pressure from the christian community, aren't christians supposed to love everybody? cause at the end of the day GOD is love and there must be a reason he made gay and lesbian people the way they are and it is not up to us to decide how they should be or what they become. I have gay and lesbian friends and I love them just as they are because they never question my sexuality why should I question theirs?. Do not live your life trying to be what people expect you to be rather be who you are and embrace being "YOU". It's cool if you are a dude and you like dudes or if you are girl who likes girls ain't nothing to it. We are all human so them judgemental christians can take a one way ticket straight to "HELL".#GAY KINDA LOVE