Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bitter sweet

We all have things we like or love like gadgets and accessories.Today we gonna talk about the most unattractive accessory and that is "THE SUGAR DADDY", he buys you everything and anything you ask for and in the beginning it's like you're his entire world,he seems to be living for your smile right? but have you ever stopped and asked yourself "what's in it for him?.He loves you right? otherwise why would he spend all his money showering you with expensive "gifts" but what you do not know is that man is only buying his way to your "GOODIES" and after that he walks away like nothing happened.He chews  you up and spits you out like you're poison in his mouth. You think that man will leave his wife for you that will never happen to him you're just another piece of meat or sex toy and even if he was to leave his wife and kids for you,he will do the same thing to you as in trade you in for a newer and younger model once he tires of you. There is nothing sweet about a sugar daddy, he lives a bitter taste in your mouth and maybe a disease if you're one of the unlucky ones.Never settle for anything less than the best and play second fiddle to none,If you're tired of being the side chick GO out there and get yourself a man lil Missy ,SOMEONE who is yours alone not yours,hers and ours.There is no upside to having a sugar daddy because you spend half your time looking over your shoulder worried that his wife might come after with a sjambok you will forever bear the scars of what he has done to you physically and emotionally cause after he is done with you,you're left damaged and insecure about who and what you were before he came along and HONEY don't nobody want "DAMAGED GOODS". Stick to your school boy or varsity boy sweethearts and don't fall for the oldest trick in the book because "SUGAR DADDIES" are all about "HIT AND RUNS" so the next time some "OLD DUDE" tells you he loves you or even looks your way in a way you don't like put your finger in his face and tell him to "GET LOST"  cause you know what he is all about.